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Woven around the aspirations of tens of thousands of tribal silkworm rearers, poor rural women yarn makers and handloom weavers in the hinterlands of India, the Weave A Hope initiative from EcoTasar, is primarily aimed at providing a sustainable livelihood for them, while ensuring commercial viability for the company.

Eco Tasar was begun as a livelihood promotion project by Pradan, an NGO of national stature in India. Based and located in Jharkand, one of the most economically backward states in India, the project provides for natural commercial aggregation of Tasar silk yarn from these sources. The yarn is used to weave exquisite stoles and scarves, throws, sarees and fabric, which in turn are marketed and sold through partners in India and across the globe.

"We wish to build and run a sustainable business which shall create wage opportunities for a large number of small, artisanal, rural and home based producers particularly women on a sustained basis so that they are able to leverage the constant flow of wages to lift themselves out of poverty."

Khitish Pandya

More than 1900 people are currently being impacted under this programme.