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Tasar is a natural silk and its silkworms are reared on live trees, as they do not feed on plucked leaves.  It is a natural, forest-based activity and its exposure to nature results in its truly multi-tonal look, which can never be duplicated by manmade fabric. This makes it a truly wild silk, much sought after by connoisseurs around the world.

Each item’s creation is a source of livelihood and hope for a better future for thousands of women and tribals who otherwise have no wage opportunity in their remote villages and are often forced to migrate to cities in search of a living .

The principles of Fair Trade are adhered to studiously, in the manufacturing process. No child labor is involved and utmost care is taken to make a truly green product. Natural vegetable dyes and /or Azo-free dyes are used in the manufacture of these silks, which are then being sold worldwide through both regular and fair trade channels.