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Eco Tasar has been working with West Elm since 2009 to create hand-loomed pillows from Hand-spun yarn. West Elm’s business with Ecotasar has grown fifteen-fold over the past 6 years and has become part of the company’s core assortment, ordered season after season. Through the time khitish and the Eco Tasar team have been working with West Elm, they have Use measured investment to scale to meet the brand’s growing business and generate more value for the spinners and weavers of Bihar. For example. When the opportunity arose to create Bedding as part of West Elm’s collaboration with esigner Steven Alan, Khitish and team acquired New machines and space to facilitate production for larger-ized pieces. In another example, responding to  the brand’s desire to introduce new design concepts, Khitish And the teeam at Eco Tasar are strong sourcing partners, with the proven ability to scale operations through a combination of entrepreneurial drive and measured growth.

Douglas Guiley
Vice President of Sourcing and Strategy, West Elm

We have been working with Eco-Tasar for 4 years. Together we have been creating handloom silk stoles and fabrics for the Western market. The handloom stoles are all made from handspun yarn in Bihar. At the moment almost 80% of our collection consists out of Eco-Tasar’s products. So we happily could say that Eco-Tasar has grown to our biggest partner. Though we started with 3 other silk suppliers in the past, we experienced that Eco-Tasar delivers the best quality and also on time. The company is very loyal, hard working and together with the dedicated input and effort of Mr. Khitish it is able to grow rapidly and has professionalized its production process very fast. Eco-Tasar is a company with a fair and sustainable philosophy which makes it possible that people in the rural villages have an income and can stay home. Furthermore, it promotes silk farming and an old and traditional craft which should be kept alive. We strongly share their philosophy and will keep working with them in order to make the world a better place. Though Eco-Tasar is a fair trade company, it has been able to fullfil our very high-end Western standards and qualities.

Bahareh Panjeh Shahi