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  • Touch at least 20000 producers by 2020
  • Enhance Livelihood by an average of Rs 20,000 p.a
  • Target for 25% of Eco Tasar topline as wages
  • Cycle back profits of Eco Tasar
  • Village women folk to be made a key focus area
  • Partner and support grassroots’ NGOs involved in employment initiatives
  • Focused team for NGO partnerships and weave-a-hope beneficiaries
  • Provide a package of benefits: viz medical insurance .

Market Impact – Footprint

  • Be one of the largest domestic distributor of natural fabrics
  • Increase international footprint  to at least 40 countries
  • Build a customer base including
    • At least 2000 leading boutiques within India
    • At least 100 customers abroad
    • At least 100 online partner stores with co branding
  • Induct leading Designers on board eco-Tasar
  • Increase reach to many more cites and Tier II towns

Technology Leverage

  • Manage the database of weavers by use of mobile apps
  • Customized e-com store
    • Catering to retail customers in India and overseas
    • Feature rich portal that simulates a user environ for the customer
    • Change the dynamics of saree-home -purchases
    • Provide unique experience to the b2b partners
  • Backend systems
    • Mini ERP to manage billing, inventory, shipping , customers .